About Us

“I’ve grown tired of over priced, over hyped wines that offend your wallet and lesser quality, mass produced wines that ignore your palate” GS

We exist somewhere in the middle serving stunning, value for money wines that will take you beyond the wines you know today.

Over the last twenty years I have fallen in love with wine, the process of making it, the cellar door experience and the relationship between food and wine.

The world of wine is quite frankly baffling. There is nothing more satisfying than broadening peoples understanding of it in a simple engaging way and opening up that world of wine (and food to them).

I want people to trust me – to know that I’ll take all that is overwhelming about wine and deconstruct it into a fun, engaging experience for people who want to take that step away from the usual bottle on the usual shelf in the supermarket (but don’t want to burst the bank).

Most of all trust me to find you new wines to try and foods to have with them, find new favourites and get more confident with wine

Whether you have a drink at our pop up bars, buy a bottle at random from the shop or join our wine club I want you to enjoy The Bijou Experience